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Golf - for Youth & Beyond


How it works...

This coming weekend, Saturday the 15th April, our Golf Club is hosting an Event as part of the Redland's Youth Week.

The concept is simple, we're extending an invitation to those young people aged from 10 to 24 to come along to the Club and be introduced to our great game.

At 10:30am we'll kick off with registration formalities, a welcome to the Club by our President, Paul Corbett and of course some great morning tea.

We'll have some history, tour of the Club's facilities, and get some practical lessons. We'll be offering lunch and entertainment then move out to the nets and some practice driving on the course.

We'll have some great demonstrations from some of our experts, have a bit of fun and get each young participant, the confidence and skills to prepare for their first game of Golf.

Food, refreshments, golf clubs and balls will all be provided for. The best thing is that for those attending , the entire day is FREE.

On the Sunday, each participant will be able to bring their family and friends who must be over 18, back to the Golf Club and play a real game of Golf over the 9 holes. Again all for FREE.

Again lunch and refreshments will be provided for the registered Youth particpants.

At around 1pm , each participant with receive a memento of their achievents at the Coochiemudlo Golf Club.

Register Here to participate

Youth Week Activity

Golf - for Youth & Beyond

You must be aged between 10 & 24 and be willing to participate under the rules of the Isle of Coochie Golf Club Inc.

Put simply, be polite and considerate. Dress well with no thongs or singlets. 

Have fun at all times!

Thanks for Registering!

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